Sleep enhancement by saffron extract in randomized control trial

Sleep enhancement by saffron extract in randomized control trial

Background A clinical trial was conducted using 21 healthy adults randomly assigned to a saffron extract group or placebo group in order to confirm the increase of sleep quality by taking saffron extract.

Objective To determine the effect of saffron extract on the sleep quality of 21 healthy adults. Trial design A clinical parallel, double-blind, randomized control trial (RCT) was conducted. Subgroups were defined by good sleeper or poor sleeper using a PSQI test for analysis.

Method The participants, who gave self-report information, were under a randomized controlled trial (RCT) study designed for all participants receiving the saffron extract (crocin: 0.6mg/day) or placebo.

Result There was a significant reduction in score for the Pittsburgh sleep quality index (PSQI) only in the group treated with the saffron extract. I

n addition, a significant saffron extract effect on daytime dysfunction over 4 weeks was apparent between the extract group and the placebo group in the subjects with poor sleeper at baseline.

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