Calcium and vitamin D in preventing fractures

Calcium and vitamin D in preventing fractures

Researchers from Osaka Medical College showed that vitamin K and vitamin D together increased bone density much better than vitamin K alone.

When comparing calcium and vitamin D alone with placebo, researchers at the University of Maastricht found little benefit on bone loss. But those randomised to take vitamin K in addition to calcium and vitamin D had significantly less femoral neck bone loss after three years.

The Yamaguchi osteoporosis prevention study showed that vitamin K alone reduced vertebral fractures by 56% compared to placebo, comparable to the benefit found from etidronate.

Researchers at Hirosaki University in Japan showed that vitamin K lowered bone fractures in elderly female patients with Parkinson's by 90%. The same research team showed an 86% decrease in fractures in elderly patients with Alzheimer's treated with a combination of vitamin K, vitamin D, and calcium compared with placebo.

If the medical standard became to first use vitamins D and K with calcium before using bisphosphonates or selective oestrogen receptor modulators, the public would save billions of dollars a year.

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